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Mable -- 07/12/04 -- 16:09:22

Great site!

J&S Project -- 06/03/04 -- 00:18:26

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Annette <> -- 06/29/03 -- 08:57:08

Have you heard of an Irish singer from Co DOnegal ireland and recording In Nashville TN USA. She would be worth getting on your book here. Here Is her Website

Adrian Kealey <> -- 06/16/03 -- 07:04:24

Turlach , a great album , we were dancing in the kitchen to it Fri. night with a couple of Siclians. Auntie Christine is your BIG distributor . Wishing you lots of success with it .From Dungiven , Adrian Kealey

K. H. <> -- 04/22/03 -- 08:37:53

Turlach rocks & reels!

The Little Brother <> -- 12/12/02 -- 14:31:38

Hey Big Bro. Just keeping tabs on your website and thought I let your readers know that I taught Turlach all he knows (about lying that is) He taught me a little about flute playing. I,m not as funny as he is, though the comment below about him being funnier than David Letterman (who's he?) is probably taking it too far. We are all waiting for the next album big brother so hurry it up. Ruairi

jen <> -- 08/29/02 -- 00:36:14

Hey T, are you ever going to update your lovely site again?

Georg <> -- 03/09/02 -- 06:10:32

hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria

Denis McCarthy <> -- 12/12/01 -- 07:29:55

Have you heard the news? New your City is under siege. It seems that four brash musicians have gotten togethor to form New York's Greatest Irish-American Pub Band, SHILELAGH LAW. If you don't believe it just listen to their debut album "Half The Bottle Down". It is a blistering collection of Traditional jigs and reels along with Pub favorites mixed in with a few originals that are destined to become classics. You can catch a glimpse of the band at their website and listen to the album. You can also hear them every Sunday on WFUV 90.7fm during the Irish program between 12 pm & 4pm. This exciting new band is packing 'em in at all the pubs and bars in and around Westchester and The Bronx. Be warned they are set to take on the rest of the City and maybe the World. Alright, they'd be happy with just the Greater U.S. and parts of Canada.Their live shows include everything from the Traditional (Altan to the Wolfetones) to Irish Pop-Rock (The Waterboys, The Pogues and U2) to Country (Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, etc.) and on to the "not-so traditional" (Guns & Roses, Zepplin and the Dead). They throw in a couple of Original tunes and that, in essence, is what SHILELAGH LAW is all about. Their fast-paced, up-tempo, non-stop brand of Irish-American music will keep your feet tappin for days. You won't be able to help yourself from wanting to raise a pint glass or two ( or 12 in most cases) while listening to them. Don't get left out, come on and be a part of the Shilelagh Army. C'mon out and join the band for a pint at one of our shows. We'd love to have ya. Have a great Holiday Season and a most Happy New Year. If you have any questions about us you can contact me, Denis McCarthy ( I'm the fiddler) at or the band at or you can call me at FDNY's Engine 67 . The phone # there is (212)570 -4267. Love to hear from ya and we think this a great site you have here. See ya soon, Shilelagh Law

Jessi Lee <> -- 04/01/01 -- 23:51:04

I just saw Turlach at the South Texas Irish Music Festival, and I was completely mesmerized! His music was captivating, and his comic talent surpassed even that of David Letterman's! Thanks to all the musicians who visited the I am forever hooked on Celtic music! Please visit us again sometime soon!

Annie Martin <talarson@clearwater,net> -- 02/03/01 -- 01:17:39

Turlach Boylan's "The Tidy Cottage" is an extraordinary album! From haunting melodies and jaunty jigs to romantic waltzes and head-spinning reels, "The Tidy Cottage" is 48 minutes and 45 seconds of pure bliss. Its the "Irish Creme of the crop!"

jobs <> -- 07/01/00 -- 10:55:57

I just wanted to say that I was here. Axel

Katie <> -- 03/13/00 -- 00:37:12

Great site! What a great way to share a love for Irish music. I have just completed my first CD in Chicago. It is called Raise Your Glass, and is all Irish folk music. I even have two originals on the CD that have been played all over the radio stations in Chicago this week. If anyone wants to check it out, please email me - I have a web page with MP3's of my music. I would love for anyone to give a listen and let me know what they think. I value the opinion of people who go to this site!

James Thomson <> -- 09/05/99 -- 08:03:21

Great site. I come to your page from Dale Wisely's Chiff And Fipple Page. I am sure that you come highly recommended. I look forward to dealing with you on many occaisions in the future. Keep up the good work. Long live the good traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Julia Olivarez <> -- 08/08/99 -- 02:20:47

Great site, dude, and the CD rocks! Sublime playing by all concerned. (Okay, Mom, you can go back to bed now.) God bless ya.

Jerica Turner <> -- 07/15/99 -- 11:45:29

Well, I linked off of Mike's page and must say that I really enjoyed Turlochs sound clips. Lovely playing altogether. Look forward to purchasing the album when I get paid! Well done site.

Stuart the Maniac <> -- 04/11/99 -- 15:02:16

Hi! Nice page you have here! Keep on playin'! See ya! :-)

Kelly Crumpley <> -- 03/02/99 -- 19:18:24

Very nice site. Thanks for the long real audio clips. I certainly will buy Turlach's CD when it becomes available. Not to mention that your logo is stunning. You are bookmarked with me. I am a flute player and my wife plays concertina and whistle. Excellent job.

clandestinejen <> -- 02/08/99 -- 20:41:02

Hi Turlach, good site. Godspeed to your righteous cause of getting the world in tune!

Turlach Boylan <> -- 01/24/99 -- 11:13:11

Welcome to the big plain records web site. Please feel free to drop me a line if you can't find what you need.