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Well, the CDs and t-shirts are here, the drawing is done, and the winners have been notified. The winners were John Liestman and Valerie Plested. You can look at their rather tasteless entries here. You shouldn't worry about it too much - Go check out the album here instead.

Thanks again to everyone who entered.
June 1st, 1999

The contest is now closed. You can look at all the entries here. The drawing will be held later in April and presided over by Rex Shaver, a Houston judge who plays bodhran at the session here.

Thank you to everyone who entered. A couple of names suggested by contestants made the shortlist and one in particular was the leader for a long time. In the end, though, I chose the name 'The Tidy Cottage'. You can see the artwork for the cover here. So there will be two winners in the drawing.

Good luck to all of you.
April 4th, 1999

This is Turlach Boylan. I've been working on my flute album for release on big plain records and we've almost finished recording. It's time to start work on the album packaging but I've had a mental block and can't decide on a title. So this is a chance for you to help me out and maybe win a prize. Just suggest a name for the album and you'll be entered into a drawing for a copy of the (as yet unnamed) album and a big plain records t-shirt. Every unique title you suggest will get another entry in the drawing. If I choose your title then you'll win automatically and also get your name in the liner notes but there'll still be a prize drawing for all the other entries. Contest ends March 31st, 1999.

If you need some inspiration take a look at the recording scrapbook here and look at some of the other entries here. You can listen to a Real Audio sample track here.

IMPORTANT - When you enter the contest, your entries will automatically be displayed on this web site. So even though I might be amused myself, don't type something you might not want your mother to read! If you really can't resist the urge then email me personally here instead of using the form below.