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Review of the big plain records concert, Jan 05, 1999

by Amy Ellison
The Tuesday concert at Fitzgeralds was wonderful. Visiting musical genuises Ruairi Boylan (flute) and Sheila Boylan (fiddle), Turlach's brother and sister, with Colleen Donahue(cittern) of Tir na n'Og were joined by local musical talents Dr.Ruth Heidleberger, Eden Somer, Jen Hamel & Emily Dugas of Clandestine, Rex Shaver, Larry Mallette, Bill Thurman, many others & of course the local Houston flute wizard Turlach Boylan. This was the best assortment of traditional Irish music to come to Houston that anyone remembers, and did a great job of showcasing some local talent on top of it. Houston's not half bad.....! ........Here's hoping another concert will evolve of all the activity too!!!
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